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O2 Medical Network

O2 Medical Network

We re a company providing specialized health services: Patient Care tourist, Medical home support, Intensive Care Unit, Surgical center, Pharmacy delivery, Delivery Laboratory, Hyperbaric Medicine, Care…

Genesis Rescue

Genesis Rescue

We are a company that offers: Risk Medical Rescue, Air medical Transportation Medical Air and Ground Transportation, Air repatriation of seriously ill patients, Mobile clinics, A ready…

Genesis Life

Genesis Life

Genesis Life Urban Spa, we are a company that combines medicine with beauty in order to make you feel better. We offer a wide variety…

Genesis GYM

Genesis GYM

We are the Gym for people interested in keeping fit and healthy physical and mentally, people concerned in being in shape and fulfill their goals…

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  • Cusco (Principal headquarter): Bellavista Street C-11, Huancaro
  • Cusco (Secondary headquarter): Puputi Street Nº 148
  • Arequipa: Urb. Colegio de Ingenieros B – 9
  • Free call number: 0800-26-685
  • Telephones: +51 84 221213 / +51 84 225407
  • Mobile RPM: 974793088 / Mobile RPC: 942727412


In 2016 we will be the Wellness Complex Network, with an infrastructure and response capacity in technology and human resources to enable all passengers and protagonists of Regional Tourism Inka feel safe with themselves at any time and place.


Improve the quality of life of travelers, with a professional and personalized care… let them feel peaceful, safe, relieved, retrieved and complete their dreams… Their inner peace.

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